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What can we build for you?

Choosing your cabinetry style can be an overwhelming process, but we are here to help! Here's a guide to help you understand common construction and finishing styles.

Construction Styles

The construction style of your cabinetry determines how your doors and drawers fit and the overall look of the cabinet face. 


Framed cabinets have a hardwood frame that makes up the face of the cabinet.



Beaded Frame

Standard Frame

Doors and drawers "overlay" standard frames, that is, they close on top of the frame.

Doors and Drawers close into the frame opening, so that they are flush with the cabinet frame face.

The inside edge of the face frame has a bead running around it, giving it another layer of sophistication

The standard face frame is square on all edges, giving your cabinets a sleek appearance.


Frameless cabinets offer a sleek, modern look by  doing away with the framed face in favor of the hardwood- banded edge of the high quality 3/4" plywood sides.

Door and Drawerfront Styles

The style of your door and drawerfront also determines the overall look of your cabinet face. Talk with us and we can guide you to choose an appropriate style for your cabinetry. You can view many door styles on the Conestoga Wood Specialties website. 

Finishing Styles

There are three basic finishing styles to choose from: painted, stained, and glazed. We can custom match most any color you need for your painted kitchen, but we recommend choosing a Sherwin-Williams color. We can produce elegant stain finishes on cherry, walnut, maple, and many other wood species to give you your custom look.


Glazing your cabinets is a sure way to produce a completely unique style. The cabinets are first painted and then carefully rubbed and accented by hand with a darker, stain-like glaze. In this part of the finishing process, each cabinet becomes the "artist's canvas," as the finish gives each piece a sophisticated, antiqued tint of color. The result can be stunningly beautiful. Because of the nature of this process, slight color variations can occur throughout a large project, and we ask that you appreciate this as part of the look. 


Other specialty finishes can be done at your request such as distressed finishes and antique reproductions.

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